ZRP Prohibits police officers from buying mealie-Meal in uniforms

ZRP Officers in Uniforms queuing to buy maize meal

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Bulawayo have released a statement prohibiting the purchase of the scarce mealie-meal by Police Officers whilst in Police Uniforms. This has a come after the members of the public raised complains that the police where using police uniforms to jump queues to buy mealie-meal at shops.

The Statement from the PROPOL Bulawayo dated 18 April 2020 reads;


This office observed with great concern the level of serious contempt and disregard of Police Standard of Discipline in central business district and Various locations in Bulawayo STOP members are seen moving around carrying bags of mealie-meal in uniforms STOP It is against this background that addressees CMM with immediate effect cease to purchase mealie-meal in Police Uniform STOP Officers and members in charge stations are thus directed to compile lists of members under their command and forward them to this headquarters as arrangements have already been made millers to deliver the commodity at Police Camps for your convenience STOP addressees are directed to treat this signal without disdaincy STOP anyone who shall be seen loaded with mealie-meal in their person whilst in police uniform will be arrested and disciplinary action taken STOP.


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