Zimbabwe Supreme Court Judgement Rules in favour of Thokozani Khupe – declares Nelson Chamisa Illegitimate MDC-t leader

Opposition Leader, Nelson Chamisa

During the Corona Virus Lockdown day 2, the Zimbabwe Supreme court sat down and handed a ruling that declares opposition MDC leader Mr. Nelson Chamisa an illegitimate leader, a ruling that is skeptically viewed to work in favour of Thokozani Khupe. The Supreme Court ruling upholds a ruling handed down by the High Court last year which declared that Chamisa was illegitimately acting as MDC party leader and directed them to go to congress with 2013 structures.

The ruling therefore reinstate Thokozani Khupe as the legal opposition MDC-T leader. Khupe and Chamisa led the last MDCT split after the death of their founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, leading two factions fighting for the control of the party and party asserts with Chimisa getting grassroots and youth support. After the split Khupe went to court and won the use of MDC-T name whilst Chamisa turned MDC-A (Alliance) into a full flagged political party which was followed by 80% of MDC faithfuls. They both went into 2 different congresses where they both returned leadership positions of their respective MDCs and went on to contest the 2018 Presidential Elections against Emerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF party.

Dr. Thokozani Khupe

Today’s ruling is viewed by many MDC faithfuls as a ZANU PF’s plot to weaken the opposition party and it’s popularly elected President Nelson Chamisa. More to come…

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