Zimbabwe President Announced a 14 day relaxed lockdown extension


Lockdown extended for the next 14 days with the following conditions:

1. Reopening of industry and commerce on condition that all employees are tested before they return to work. All employees to be provided masks. Working hours will be from 8am to 3pm


2. Wearing of masks outside homes. Informal sector remains closed

4. Only public buses will be the mode of transportation. Kombis are not allowed to operate

5. Industry and commerce can only operate once they have compiled to testing, sanitation and healthy guidelines

6. Public gatherings to be kept below 50 but Churches, beerhalls, Gyms, bars, bottle stores and other recreational facilities remain closed.

7. Schools, Colleges, Universities to remain closed, Education and Finance Ministries intensively working on creating an online access to learning materials. Examination classes top priority

7. President Mnangagwa unveils a $ZW18 billion stimulus package in response to Covid19


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