Zimbabwe Police In the forefront of Fighting covid-19 without protective Clothing and no risk Allowance

Picture of Police and Soldiers queuing for maize instead of enforcing social distancing

Marondera Central Member of Parliament Mr. Caston Matewu wrote a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs, ‘the Hon Minister Kazembe Kazembe to consider giving our esteemed Police a risk allowance like that being given in the health sector for the enormous work they are carrying out to keep our town safe and to maintain daily order. Their work means we can all stay at home and they remain at greater risk when interacting with residents at a daily basis.’

“They are also working without protective clothing putting themselves at much more calamity. We need to all appreciate their work in this time of need like we do our nurses and doctors hence the need to appropriately remunerate them in these difficult times”


Th Zimbabwe Republic Police has come under fire from the public for deploying the police with no protective clothing, they also travel in an overcrowded trucks disregarding social distance they will be forcing people to respect. The police have also been heavily criticized for arresting people and carrying them in an overcrowded lorry without observing the same social distancing regulation they are accused of breaking. This further exposes both the police and those being taken into police custody which ends being overcrowded.

Zimbabweans say they are finding it difficult to adhere to the lockdown and social distancing regulations due to lack of basic food requirement like maize meal, sugar and cooking oil resulting in the arrests of numerous people across the country who are forced to go into ques (disregarding social distancing) to buy these basics.

Some residence are caught queuing for water or ques to buy LP Gas for cooking. Some say they are afraid that they will die from hunger if they stay indoors as they are not formally employed and live from hand to mouth.

People queuing to buy LP Gas for domestic use
Water Buckets queuing for water

In South Africa Police Minister Bheki Cele says six police officers have tested positive for the corona virus. As the country continues with a 21-day national lockdown, Cele has appealed to communities to respect law enforcement officials and SANDF soldiers that have been deployed across the country. He also says people should adhere to the lockdown regulations. South Africa has one-thousand-585 confirmed cases of COVID19 and nine deaths.


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