Zimbabwe Government Set a Covid-19 National Disaster Fund and ask Citizens to make donations to the Fund

Minister of Finance and Economic Development,
Professor Mthuli Ncube,

The Government of Zimbabwe has extended its begging bowl to it’s privileged citizens to make contributions to the Covid-10 National Disaster Fund. The Minister of Finance and Economic Development cited that the scale and seriousness of the epidemic calls upon all Zimbabweans to put our best foot forward.

In a Press statement dated 1 Aprill 2020, Minister the Finance Minister said,


“In that regard, the Government has established a National Disaster Fund dedicated to receive and account for contributions from Development Partners and a wide spectrum of well-wishers and ring fencing them for deployment to address and mitigate the effects of such adverse occurrences”.

The contributions are being collected through National Disaster Fund bank accounts, Netone (One Wallet), Ecocash and Telecash. See Press Statement with contact and account details below;


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