Zimbabwe Government Appeals For Urgent International Financial Help from iMF, WORLD BANK GROUP, PARIS CLUB, aFRICAN dEVELOPMENT BANK & eUROPEAN INVESTMENT GROUP


Analysis by Noah Manyika

Every Zimbabwean needs to read this letter sent out by Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube appealing for international help.


This is much closer to the truth than all their other efforts to paint a rosy picture. It’s been a month since it was written, and there is hardly any evidence of urgency to implement the reforms Ncube refers to to make these institutions believe the government is serious.

The tragedy of the matter is that it will likely take horrendous numbers of fatalities, not just infections, to prod this government into any meaningful action. So what is likely to happen? Without serious, urgent, substantive, credible reforms, this plea will likely fall on deaf ears, and the mortgaging of Zimbabwe’s resources by those this government turns to who promise deliverance but never do will continue.

What Mthuli Ncube does not mention in his letter is the extent to which our resources have already been mortgaged, and how complex extracting ourselves from these predatory relationships and contractual obligations is going to be.

Zanu(PF) has tragically put this nation in a situation where the painful solution is the complete collapse of our nation or somehow the complete wiping out of the current generation of leaders and their cronies.

If we have learnt anything from history, it is that unfortunately there is a type of leader, robber and thief who will only be stopped by “The Grim Ripper.”

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube

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