Zimbabwe Embassy in Namibia Offering Stranded Citizens Repatriation to Zimbabwe at their own Cost – 37 days To get Home


Stranded Zimbabwean citizens in Namibia to meet their repatriation cost, to endure possible 14 days of quarantine in Zambia plus mandatory 21 day quarantine upon arrival in Zimbabwe at their own cost.

The Zimbabwean Embassy in Namibia have asked Zimbabweans who are stranded in Namibia to register their names at the Embassy of Zimbabwe on 20-21 April 2020 from 1100hrs to1300hrs. The statement is for those who have been affected by lockdown in Namibia and struggling to live in Namibia.


The Namibian based Zimbabwe Embassy statement follows a similar statement by the Zimbabwe Embassy in South Africa which reads; “The Embassy wishes to advise members of the community that the Government of the Republic of South Africa allows for the voluntary, orderly repatriation of foreign nationals to their countries of origin during the lockdown period.

“”The Embassy is liaising with Head Office in Harare on the possibility of such an eventuality. Zimbabwe borders remain open to allow for the return of citizens and permanent residents even during lockdown period. Citizens and permanent residents who choose to exercise the option of returning to Zimbabwe during the lockdown period are expected to go into compulsory quarantine for a period of 21 days (three weeks).”


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