war on Gender-Based-Violence: Is The Fight Against GBV A Loosing Battle ?


By Fadzai Vengesa

When will this end? It is the writer’s wish to live in an environment which is free from Gender based violence. With all efforts made so far to fight this menace throughout the World, heartbreaking cases of Gender based violence against women are still multiplying. On a very sad note in Zimbabwe crime of passion involving women is now spreading uncontrollably like veld fires and its wings wider.


The Herald reported that, another 44 year old women was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in Bulawayo following a misunderstanding emanating from domestic disputes. The Zimbabwe Republic Police has raised alarm on reports of disputes between lover and ex lovers are high as recorded countrywide last month.

The latest case comes after the police are still investigatingthe death of Chitungwiza woman Moreblessing Ali whose body was found mutilated after her disappearance three weeks ago with an ex-lover as one of the suspects.

With these traumatizing cases that have been reported it shows that there is need for more alternative solutions to end these heartless acts before they become a norm. More awareness campaigns are also needed so that people may stay alert. Although it seems so difficult to accept reality, facts on the ground has proven that a lover can turnout to be a worst enemy if not vulture.

GBV remains an untouchable pandemic because it is difficult for government and activists to control human behavior. It is very crucial for the society to come together and work with law enforcing agents to eliminate the culprits through handing over relevant information to the police so that investigations may become easier and fast. It is unfortunate that the deceased victims will not be able to tell their story.


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