Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Ko Mpisi Village Tour in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, a Zimbabwean town near the eponymous waterfall, serves as one of two prime gateway points to the majestic cascade and its surrounding national park. With the building of the Victoria Falls Bridge in 1905, which linked the town with the Zambian side of the falls, the area infrastructure developed with visitors in mind–today, travelers can choose between an array of hotels, nightlife and dining options, as well as numerous shopping opportunities. Besides admiring the thunderous waterfall, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Victoria Falls, from adventure sports, to river cruises and safaris. Victoria Falls is in Matabeleland North Province. Make your own Victoria Falls vacation itinerary, with a little help from those that know the place like the back of their hands, by using our planners.

Ko Mpisi Village Tour
Elder Mpisi, Ko Mpisi Village Heard


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