The Regime is Not as Unstrategic as their Governing Incompetence Suggests


By Dr. Noah Manyika

It’s foolish to think that the regime is as unstrategic as their governing incompetence suggests. The looting, the abductions, the killings are calculated and executed according to plan.If anything useful can be gleaned out of that, it is the conversations, meetings, people, documents involved in the planning and execution of the looting, the abductions, the killings which can be fully exposed to advance the cause for change.‪


Just like Cecil John Rhodes needed proof of his right to our land, hence the Rudd Concession of 1888, they have created fraudulent documents to give them title to what they have stolen and should not own.‪

There are proofs of payments to organizations they or their associates are connected to. There are transfer pricing arrangements with international companies that leak billions out of our economy into the pockets and accounts of regime members and associates.‪

We must never underestimate their resolve to outwit and outlast those fighting for change. They are perfectly content with us believing that slogans can replace strategy in the battle for change. ‬‪

They are fine with us forgetting that Command Agriculture with its mantra of “securing our tomorrow, today” was not mere a slogan, but a well-planned and executed strategy and program of looting and of securing Zanu(PF)s political tomorrow today.‬

‪They are fine with us forgetting that their rural dominance was not secured through slogans, but by the strategic gerrymandering of constituencies which resulted in 60 urban seats and 210 rural, and that even if they lose all 60 urban constituencies in an election, they will still have a majority in parliament.‬‪

They are perfectly fine with us ignoring the fact that they manipulated succession processes for traditional leadership in the rural areas where the greater number of constituencies are, and that they secured the loyalty of the majority of chiefs and headmen who are their gatekeepers not by chanting slogans, but by buying cars for them.‬‪

After 40 years in power, their confidence is buoyed by the knowledge that even the born frees get tired of fighting and can therefore be enticed and pacified with crumbs, and confused into thinking that to be a lout and tout and money changer is all they can be. ‪

They have conscripted enough digital natives into their ranks to wage an effective psychological war that keeps the issues muddled and those who want change eternally shadow-boxing while they loot and strengthen the next generation of Zanuoids to continue with “chinhu chavo” and the “family” business.

‪I submit again that they are only afraid of two things:

1. The implosion of their empire of graft and

2. the collapse of the wall of protection around them made up of soldiers, state security agents and policemen mostly born after 1980.

With those things gone, they will be done. ‬‪We must remain resolute, clear-eyed and focused on making sure those two things collapse. We must make them understand that exposing them is just the beginning, and that we will not stop until they have absolutely no cover at home or abroad.

Play your part.‬‪

As you wage your war for your emancipation in other ways, send a clear message by signing the petition below that we will not tire, we will not be confused. If you have already signed, keep sharing it and encouraging others to sign!

Is there not a cause?‬

Zimbabwe Army, Police & State Security Agents Must Stop Obeying Unconstitutional Orders


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