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.We are a new blog in Zimbabwe. Our website is targeted to Film and Television industry professionals and other stakeholders in Music and Creative industry in general. We are looking for Intern/Student writers / voluntary contributors. This is an opportunity for those who enjoy writing about the arts and follow the development of the Creative Industry. Our goal is to provide professional information to those who are already in the industry and those who aspire to join the Film and Television sector. We are looking for:

1. Article Writing (News, Film Reviews, Project and Arts Events reviews)
2. Website Designing (to keep improving and polishing our website)
3. Marketing (to promote our Website and Social sites)
4. Cameraman/ Video Editor (Record and Edit videos for online distribution)
Voluntary Contributors Articles Requirements:
• The articles should be well written, in English with no or minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes
• The articles must be well researched, factual and traceable sources
• The articles must relate to Creative Industry like Film, Television, Music, Applied Arts
Do I get paid?
Currently we don’t have a budget as we are starting.
Please send a cover letter and resume to: , with “Intern OR Volunteer” in the subject line. Visit Our Website:


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