Relentlessly Expose Now and Document For the Future the Crimes Being Committed Today.


By Dr. Noah Manyika

The Mnangagwa regime is only afraid of two things:


1. The implosion of its empire of graft and

2. the collapse of the wall of protection around them made up of soldiers, state security agents and policemen mostly born after 1980. With those things gone, they will be done.

So here is the call to action:

Relentlessly expose corruption. Don’t pay attention when they say social media campaigns don’t work. Of course that cannot be the only action, but it’s partly why they are running scared right now and using soldiers to lockdown the country. Remember that their loudest bullies on social media are their biggest cowards who also have much to hide and to be afraid of. They include one who was involved in the looting of millions of dollars from PISMAS with Cuthbert Dube. Refuse to be intimidated.


Fight the war for your own emancipation by documenting meticulously and turning the information you have into lethal ammunition for the Chimurenga you can wage even from your desk. Again, expose every government contract and every government supplier and the civil servants facilitating corruption. Make sure by no longer preventing the regime’s stench from reaching high heaven that your friends, your relatives, your pastors, your tribesman will no longer defend the indefensible or associate with the rot.

Expose every business person, Black, White, Asian, of mixed race etc profiting from the suffering and exploitation of Zimbabweans. Never underestimate the importance of documenting even for the future the crimes being committed today. They must fear what the future will bring.

Expose every state agent, soldier, policemen involved in both corruption and the violation of people’s rights. They too must know that we know and must be afraid of what the future will bring. There is a husband, wife, lover, friend, colleague who knows the identities of not only the people who abducted and brutalized the three young MDC women, but those who killed Dzamara. It’s your duty not just to humanity, but to your soul to expose them.

If you are in the army, state security, police, send a clear message to your bosses that you shall not abduct, beat, maim, kill on anyone’s behalf and that you will not obey illegal and unconstitutional orders.

Send a clear message to the diplomatic community that providing cover to those who abduct, plunder, maim, kill with impunity will impact future relationships and the business interests of their nations in our country. A time shall come, and is nigh, when the people in this regime shall flee from their own shadows. So I challenge you again not to despise what the scriptures call “the days of small beginnings.” I challenge you if you have not signed the petition below to do so.

If you have, share it and encourage others to do the same.

Is there not a cause?

Zimbabwe Army, Police & State Security Agents Must Stop Obeying Unconstitutional Orders

Today: Dr Noah is counting on you

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