Public Outrage and Shock as Health Minister Obadiah Moyo is released on ZW$50 000.00 Bail.


Zimbabwe Health Minister accused of corruption involving US$60 million was garnted a ZW$50 000.00 bail (which is equivalent to US$625 and is about 0.0000104% of US$60 million COVIDGATE SCANDAL) when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi, he is facing three criminal charges related to abuse of office.

His charges are related to awarding a tender to supply Covid-19 equipment to Drax International without following procurement procedures. Drax International representative Delish Nguwaya has spend a week in custody after his bail application was denied. Three Directors of NatPharm involved in this illegal tender were arrested and released this week on ZW$10 000.00 each.


The Health Minister is reportedly receiving a VIP treatment despite the seriousness of the corruption charges he is facing.

The public is still puzzled and wondering why the state did not oppose the bail?

Why, after he was arrested on Friday, was he released to go and sleep in the comfort of his house?

Why was he allowed come to the court in his official Ministerial vehicle and all government paid aids on his side and not in the company of the police?

Why is the Minister ONLY being charged on matters relating to Drax International, when there’s enough evidence to charge him with JAJI Investments transaction which also have glaring pricing abnormalities? Jaji Investments false-fully declared that they where supplying COVID-19 equipment from from Namibia when they bought the equipment from China for US$300.00 and sold the same equipment to Zimbabwe Government for US$66 375.00, approved by the Health Minister.


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