FUNDRAISING: PPE for Zimbabwe Doctors&Nurses fighting Covid19


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My name is Simbiso Ranga. I am an Internal Medicine Physician practicing as a hospitalist in hospitals in North Carolina, USA, for more than a decade. In my professional career, I have taken care of patients of all demographics, man, women and children of all circumstances and nationalities in various circumstances here in the USA, and in Zimbabwe. These experiences prompted me to co-author a book titled The Impact of Autonomy, and Consumerism in Healthcare, a few years ago. Today I work in the frontlines in Hospitals in North Carolina, helping fight the global Covid19 pandemic, which is ravaging communities, and upending life as we know it, across the world. The last few weeks have given all of us a glimpse of how Covid19 can easily decimate populations across the world.

The human carnage in Wuhan, Italy, Madrid, New York, Louisiana, you name it is frightening. This reality has given me, and other health professionals of Zimbabwean origin pause. If developing nations like the USA, UK are buffeted by this pandemic, will Zimbabwe be spared? Unfortunately, anecdotal stories and images coming out of Zimbabwe are disturbing. The full extent of the potential carnage in Zimbabwe is yet to be told. What is clear is that we need to help people in the healthcare frontlines in Zimbabwe. The premier Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare where Covid19 patients are cared for needs our support. Healthcare workers including nurses and doctors on the frontlines in Zimbabwe at Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare Zimbabwe need personal protective equipment to help take care of patients with Covid19. There is a severe shortage of basic medical equipment. We can help support these brave nurses and doctors by providing personal protective equipment like gloves, gowns, face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, etc.

As a physician myself, working in the frontlines in Charlotte North Carolina I know how critical it is to have adequate equipment, especially with the ravaging Covid19. Healthcare workers in Zimbabwe are equally vulnerable. They can use our support. We urgently need to raise $5000 towards this initiative.

I work with a great team of professionals here in the USA, Canada, UK, and Zimbabwe to ensure that the resources are channeled to the staff at Wilkins Hospital quickly, and efficiently. I know the times are hard for all of us, wherever we are but together we shall overcome.

Please chip in what you can, $15, $25, $35, $150… whatever you can as the times are hard for most of us because of how Covid19 has disrupted the way of life as we know it, for most of humanity.

Most importantly please share this fundraiser with your friends and loved ones, 3-5 people or more. My team and I will make every effort to keep you posted on how much funds are raised, what was purchased, and how much of those resources were used. We look forward to sharing stories of success when all is said and done.

Hopefully soon! Thank you.


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