Oxfam in Southern Africa (SAF) Call for freelancers – graphic designers, bloggers , web programmers & content Creators

FILE – This May 21, 2013 file photo shows the exterior of an Oxfam store in London. Oxfam’s report on sexual misconduct allegations in Haiti shows that three staff members intimidated and physically threatened witnesses as the charity investigated the original claims. (Nick Ansell/PA via AP, File)

Call for freelancers – graphic designers, bloggers, web programmers & content creators:

Oxfam Deadline: 29 May 2020 Scope of Work for COVID-19 communication freelancers


Oxfam in Southern Africa is working on establishing a one-stop information portal on Covid-19 which has information on the spread of the virus, measures put in place by governments and analytical information on the economic and social impacts of Covid-19 in the region.

This will allow external stakeholders to have a better picture of the situation in the region during and after the pandemic. This information should also enable Oxfam and partners to continue advocating for debt cancellation and economic rescue packages for the most affected countries.

It is against this background that Oxfam in Southern Africa is creating a roster of freelance graphic designers, bloggers, web programmers and content creators who can support the organization as it establishes and manages an information portal on Covid-19.

The content generated will also be disseminated widely through various multi-media platforms.Oxfam is looking for individuals or teams specializing in the following: Graphic designers; Bloggers; Web programmers; Content creatorsThe freelancers will be added to our roster and they will be engaged for specific projects and or assignments as and when necessary. The guidelines that would follow such as what Oxfam would need in a blog, and ethics in gathering and generating content etc. will be captured in task outlines and contracts.

To apply Get more information and find out how to apply online here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cd0fy4ddubjfcbb/ToR%20-%20SAF%20Covid-19%20Communications%20Freelancers.docx?dl=0

It’s important that the respondents state the title of the TORs as email subject.


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