Opinion: Fusion 5 Conquered Explicit Lyrics Peer Pressure


By Princes Mapona

Openly discussing about sex in the African society has been a taboo for ages and generations. Personally I have never witnessed any group or any seasoned contrary artist except for a few upcoming artists openly singing or discussing sex without being explicit. In Africa, there is an African way of tackling marital issues which has been demonstrated by Fusion 5 Mangwiro in their song “Bonde,” which literary mean Sex in the Shona language.


Fusion5Mangwiro had the audacity and courage to respectfully, and intimately take this big step of reminding people that in our contemporary African communities, conjugal issues can still be raised in an African manner without being too explicit. It is a known fact that partners deprive each other conjugal rights in marriages, Fusion 5’s song “Wandinyima Bonde” although they don’t explicitly express it or use foul street language to raise the issues of one being deprived of sex in a marriage setup.

They displayed their maturity in the song in a way that demonstrate, that African traditional values and marriage systems can be communicated in the modern world without being disrespectful or using foul language. The African traditional communication is whereby the unhappy and deprived party summon elderly relatives to confront and counsel the other party as well as to understand the reasons for not cooperating especially when communication between the two parties is not working at it’s best.

Fusion 5 went on to give a biblical references of conjugal issues, referencing “1 Corinthians 7 vs 5” where it is written that married people should have sex without limitations and depriving each other.

Fusion 5 mentioned, in their song, that depriving each other of sex in marriages paves a way for Satan to come and disturbs the marriage. It provides the unfaithful and guilty people with excuses for having extra marital affairs and infidelities.

The music industry in Zimbabwe has seen young artist such as the late Soulja Love, Confused, Killer T, Jah Master, to mention a but few, singing explicit sex content, positions and foul language which is disrespectful that you cannot play it in presents of respected people, as a way to breakthrough or to be popular.

In my opinion, Fusion 5 Mangwiro have conquered the peer pressure of using explicit lyrics or foul language and they are still good and popular and deserve to be supported.


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