Uganda President Yuweri Museveni
Namibian President Hage Geingob

Namibian President Hage Geingob announced a countrywide full lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 until 4 May 2020. The president said the country will effectively re-open on 5 May; movement within the whole country will be restricted until then.

The president also called on all Namibians to remain calm and cooperate with authorities during the countrywide Covid-19 lockdown.


“As I have done over the past difficult weeks, I call on all Namibians to remain calm, to cooperate with the authorities in order to ensure that public order is not compromised.

Allow the authorities to work unhindered and do not provoke them unduly. I also urge law enforcement to demonstrate professionalism by operating within the law. Generally, I am encouraged by what I have observed so far. I appeal to all Namibians to respect the Regulations and measures in place to curb the spread of the virus”.


Latest updates from Uganda confirms that President Museveni has approved the proposal by the Covid-19 National Taskforce to extend the current lockdown by another 21 days. The 21-day lockdown extension runs till May 5, 2020 as the health professionals work hard to clear the infections in Uganda, as assess the emergency of new cases.

The Taskforce explained that the extension is necessary because it would be risky to relax the current restrictions when so many contacts of potential Covid-19 patients have not been tested.

Besides, it was also agreed that while Uganda has registered relative success in the fight against the disease, we are still at risk given their neighbors like Kenya and Rwanda have many positive cases

President Museveni says that out of 5,664 persons tested in Uganda, 54 have been found to be positive. As many as 4,015 were returnees – coming back to Uganda from abroad, 1,232 were those who interacted with the returnees (contacts) and 402 were those who had not been in contact with the returnees or travelled out, but because they got some symptoms, they reached out to the health officials to be tested (alert individuals).


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