Moreblessing Ali killer Pius Jamba arrested: handed himself to Magunje police

Pius Jamba arrested after handing himself to the police in Magunje for the murder of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali

The police have reported that they have arrested Pius Jamba yesterday in Magunje in connection with murder of Moreblessing Ali.

In a press statement the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) explains how Jamba killed Moreblessing Ali.
“Initially investigations have established that Pius Jamba killed Moblessing Ali after dragging her from Chibhanguza shopping centre, hid the body in a bush and went to his parents homestead .He took a kitchen knife and a sack and went back to the bush.The suspect then cut the body of Moreblessing Ali into pieces and made several trips to the well where he eventually dumped the body.”


The Police also stated that investigations are underway to find out if Pius Jamba acted alone or in connivance with other suspects.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Republic Police have reported that their investigations have so far not found any political link to this sad and heinous crime. Pius Jamba will be appearing in court soon.


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