Meet Melgin Tafirenyika NOMINEE – Entertainment Personality of the year award


All my adult life I have been motivated by a strong pioneering spirit to test uncharted waters in a tireless effort to achieve my dreams. My cherished dream, which I’m convinced I will realize one day, is to build a film studio in Zimbabwe that will employ hundreds of people working in all aspects of filming including set designing, art department, etc.
My aim is to put the Zimbabwean film industry on the world map through the production of quality and entertaining works. As a precursor to achieving this, in 2017, l produced seven films, five of them were zero budgets. Two of them were commissioned by Mnet and three have already been shown on Zambezi Magic, Channel 160. Over and above this, l was also involved in several TV commercials for reputable South African companies, including Verimark,Dunup and Autor.
To spice up my growing brand l also featured in Generations: The Legacy and Easy Money, both in the month of September 2017. Overall, l have done more than 30 commercials in Africa for companies such as MTN, DSTV, SNABS, Cheese Curls, Visa, Crown Plaza and many others. In 2017, one of my films, Deep Thought, was shown at the Afro-Chinese Arts Folklore Festival held in Egypt and Zimbabwe international film festival.
All these productions are a clear manifestation that l am on the right path to achieve my long-held goals in 2018, which are to produce 12 films. We have already shot four this year alone and three of them on a zero budget. All of them have been shot in Zimbabwe as l prepare the ground work to build my dream studio through my company, Light Image Productions.
With the current cash crisis, persistent economic challenges and the neglecting of the film industry in Zimbabwe, l believe what I have achieved, with limited resources and through sheer persistence and determination, can be equated to pushing rocks up the mountains. l will continue pushing them until I reach the peak of the mountain, that is, until my dream becomes a reality and I am also able to help other Zimbabweans to achieve their own dreams.

Melgin Tafirenyika…


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