MDC PRESS STATEMENT by Douglas Mwonzora


Over the past 24 hours, some materials in the form of campaign posters have been posted on the social media suggesting that various leaders are campaigning for the office of president at the Extra Ordinary Congress of the party to be held soon. In particular, portraits of Senator Komichi, Senator Mudzuri and myself (Senator Mwonzora) have been used. These materials are not coming from us nor were they ever authorized by us.

We urge our members to ignore them. It is coming from those people who want to disturb the people’s congress by sowing the seeds of division and confusion among our ranks. They want to paint a picture of a leadership that is divided and that is obsessed with political office. To the contrary we are a united and focused leadership preoccupied with the single objective of returning our party to its founding values.


Currently, we are busy with the logistical and financial arrangements for the Extraordinary Congress in line with our party constitution. We are very happy at the level of enthusiasm that our structures have shown towards returning our party to the path to Democracy, Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law.

While our detractors had predicted that the Extra Ordinary Congress would not form a quorum, indications so far are that it will be fully attended by the eligible delegates. More than 3000 delegates contacted so far have confirmed that they will attend.

We also notice that there is a lot of propaganda and hate language being churned out against our leaders. Unfortunately, for the people engaging in this propaganda we shall never engage them in their race to the bottom.

Lastly, we wish to reiterate that it is only the people who will decide on which particular office each leader will run for when the time comes and nominations are opened. We are a party of rules and values!


Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora
Secretary General


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