jaji Investment loot thousands of Dollars from Zimbabwe Government Covid-19 equipment Procurement: evidence Made Public


Investigative Journalist Mr. Hopewell Chin’ono have reveled that Jaji Investments purchased Covid-19 test kits from china and at the price of US$0.06 per kit as opposed to the presentation by Minister Obadiah Moyo that they are from Namibia and then charged the Zim Government US$14.75 per kit. ‬‪Jaji Investments was paid a total US$66375.00 for equipment that was purchased at the valued of US$300.‬00; invoices indicate. Garikai Prince Mushininga is the owner of JAJI Investments which is overcharging the State through Covid-19 procurement. AKA Kalahari hasn’t traded in Namibia where it is based.


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