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Drax International, or Drax Consult SAGL is a company registered in Switzerland, in an Italian speaking town by the name Lugano, bordering Italy.


One Ilir Dedja is listed as the Managing Partner and decision maker of the company. The listed contact number for the company is +4191 9115170 to which Mr Dedja answered when contacted by this writer.He first said he was Mr Dedja and agreed he represented Drax.

Upon identifying myself as a free lance journalist from Zimbabwe he changed to say “you are talking to a lawyer.”

Asked to confirm if he was acting on behalf of Drax International he said “we are not interested in talking to you,” and he hung up.

Mr Ilir Dedja has issued a statement warning to sue this journalist and all publications that have reported on egregiously inflated prices for Covid19 related goods, including NP95 face masks supplied in Harare at a breathtaking US$28 per unit. The average cost for an NP95 face mask is about US$4 per unit.

Drax is contracted into a $60 million deal with NatPharm, the national procurement entity for pharmaceuticals in Zimbabwe. So far investigations have failed to prove this deal went to tender, and this is part of what I intended to ask Mr Dedja.

Government spokesperson Mr Nick Mangwana has since issued a statement saying President Mnangagwa personally stopped payment for the overpriced order when the Health Minister brought the matter to Cabinet, and demanded an audit and investigation. The authenticity of this claim still has to be established.

Drax was registred in Switzerland on the 3rd of March in 2017, and from that date to the 11th of September 2017, Mr Dedja was partner with no signing rights. It is not known who the principle partner with singing rights was.

Mr Dedja became a single signature partner or sole signature partner on the 11th of September 2017 and remains so to date.The company is registered as having no known branches anywhere, no related companies, no email address, and no website.

However there are records showing the company is also listed in Dubai, more as a shelf company. These are some of the question this writer would have asked Mr Dedja if he had agreed to the interview.

Ironically, Mr Dedja is pleading with journalists to contact him and verify facts around the Harare alleged scandal. In his statement, he claims he has no associations with any politician in Zimbabwe, and certainly none with the First Family.

He also acknowledges that Mr Delish Nguwaya is the company Representative in Zimbabwe. Mr Nguwaya has a colourful criminal history dating to his days as a constable in the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The egregiously unflavoury record includes armed robbery charges, impersonating police officers, mounting illegal road blocks, and fraud.

Mr Nguwaya has appeared at the State House in the company of Collins Mnangagwa, son of the sitting Zimbabwe President, and at that function he carried himself as a phenomenal philanthropist donating COVID19 related medical supplies worth $200 000, and promising to do more through a $60 million deal with NatPharm.

Reason Wafawarova is a Zimbabwean Political commentator and the above is his own independent views.


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