Investigative Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s Twitter Account locked after Exposing massive government covid-19 equipment corruption


Hopewell Chin’ono announced today that his Twitter account has been locked after his posts about DRAX company’s transaction with Zim Government and he has reported receiving dearth threats from those being exposed.

“Good morning.They are trying to get my twitter account shut down by reporting to twitter that I am sharing private information.In case they attempt again, I will give @Wamagaisa details of an alternative account that I will be using. He will let you know.”


“I am being threatened with death or arrest!‬‪ At this point I want to tell you all that I DON’T care what ZANUPF and Mnangagwa do to me!‬‪DEATH does not scare me at this point. Find something else.‬‪We shall all die at some point!‬‪You will not stop me or other journalists with threats!‬ Corruption is a Human Rights issue!”


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