Impala Car Rental’s Car used in the alleged abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa in Bulawayo



Following a social media video clip which implicates one of our rental vehicles (Registration No. AES 2433) in an alleged abduction for Tawanda Muchehiwa in Bulawayo, Impala Car Rental would like to advise all our valued stakeholders that we are really concerned with this matter.


As a service provider we are limited in controlling where and how our vehicles will be used because diets are not obliged to disclose their vehicle hiring purposes. It is very possible that some clients may use our vehicles for criminal activities without our knowledge & it is not our intention to cover up for such criminals.

As Impala Car Rental we stand obligated to cooperate with any investigations by the Law Enforcement Agents into this matter so that Tawanda Muchehiwa gets justice.

We would like to assure all our stakeholders that Impala Car Rental remain committed to providing the best service possible at all times

Thompson Dondo – Chief Executive Officer


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