Green Screen Photos That Show How The Mighty Hollywood Really Works


Hollywood has come a long way thanks to advancements in technology like CGI and green screens. Movies and TV shows just couldn’t capture our imaginations the same way without these special effects.

Turning on a film with incredible effects can transport us to a different place, but doesn’t it make you wonder what it looked like actually filming these scenes?

Boardwalk Empire

This shot from Boardwalk Empire proves how a few strips of green screen can transform an entire scene.

The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent might be in the middle of his identity crisis, but Aaron Eckhart is locked in and perfect in his acting. Even though the CGI indicators would do all the work for Eckhart, he still managed to make half his face more menacing than the other.

This right here is the magic of Hollywood.

The Matrix

This is just further proof that basically the entire film of The Matrix was done on a green screen soundstage. This is also a great behind-the-scenes look at how they managed to pull off the scene where they lean back in slow motion to dodge the bullets.

The Matrix

Considering the fact that half of The Matrix‘s plot revolves around Neo being inside The Matrix, a lot of CGI had to be involved. This scene was set in a subway and they still used an entire green screen background. That tells me Keanu Reeves basically acted out this entire movie in his own imagination, which is pretty darn impressive.


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