Full Letter/Statement: MDC-T Secretary General Nixon Nyikadzino Fires President Thokozani Khupe


Honorable Speaker, I am write to you in my capacity as the Secretary General of the MDC-T political party. The purpose of this letter is to clarify the position of the MDC-T party on the recent Supreme Court ol Appeal Judgment in the Mashavire case.

I must begin Honorable Speaker, by thanking your good office for the leadership you have shown and the space you have afforded the Members of Parliament belonging to my party in the quest to carry out the mandate of the electorate who believed in our Manifesto.
Honorable Speaker, I do not Intend this to be a history lesson but I have found it prudent and with humility to begin by detailing the history of the MDC-T party for your benefit.
The MDC-T had its inaugural Ordinary Congress on the 21`1 of April 2018 where the party leadership was elected. The leadership of the MDC_T at this stage was to come from all walks of life including some who had left the MDC party led by late President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.


The MDC-T was not party to the proceedings in the Mashavire case. In fact, I, personally, and many other leaders of the MDC-T have never been members of that MDC 2014. The only Parry we belong to and that we formed in 2018 is this MDC-T which for all intent and purposes followed the required procedure to be recognized as a Political party in Zimbabwe We participated in the 2018 elections with a distinct symbol that has an open palm with a child inserted of the center. This symbol was accepted by ZEC and guided voters to vote for our party without any confusion. This symbol continues to preserve the distinctness and independence of this political party.
Honorable Speaker, I do however acknowledge that the hallmark of political organizations is the freedom of association. In fact, since 2018, we have had several leaders of the MDC-T leaving the party tor, proverbial. greener pastures. Examples in this case include Linda Masarira (who now leads a new party), Obert Gutu who resigned for private and personal reasons and many others. The MDC-T cannot stand in the way of who wish to loin other political parties since political parties are voluntary organisations where a member joins and leaves voluntarily.
To us in the MDC-T, Honorable Speaker, the SCA judgment, gives Dr Khupe and others a choice to go back to the MDC or remain with the MDC-T. It is a choice that they are entitled to as citizens Of the country. However, Honorable Speaker, to suggest or in any way interpret the SCA judgement so as to make Dr Khupe the President of our Party the MDC-T and also the Acting President of the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai is making a mockery of our parliamentary democracy and constitution. It is so absurd that no one of sound mind can imagine such an eventuality. As is always the case, those who wish to leave the MDC-T are free to do so and our internal processes will address the attendant issues.

With this in mind therefore, it is quite clear that all the MDC-T members of parliament belong to the MDC-T are under the control of the MDC-T regardless of whether other members and leaders choose to move to greener pastures and any other persuasion. Honorable Speaker, our constitution and parliamentary democracy is a Product of the hard won independence of our country where thousands of men and women sacrificed their lives in the liberation struggle so that each and every one of us could enjoy freedom, human rights and equal protection under the law.

The MDC-T is a young political party working very hard for the development of our nation for  the common benefit of all Zimbabweans. I am aware that there are attempts to confuse and  conflate our party the MDC-T with the MDC of the late Morgan Tsvangirai, for the high,  immoral benefit of those who wish to double-dip I from two different political parties without, regard for the rights of the electorate, particularly those people who voted for the MDC-T in the 2018 general elections. I urge you, Honorable Speaker, to uphold the highly esteemed integrity of your very important  office and in so doing refuse to be dragged into any plot to mutate and undermine our  constitution and parliamentary democracy.  The MDC-T we belong to Is not the MDC.  The MDC-T members of parliament belong to the  MDC-T and can never be legally donated to another political party under any circumstances.  I as the MDC-T Secretary General, will, when necessary, communicate with you regarding any  matters concerning our two (2) members of parliament.  Please receive, Honorable Speaker, the MDC-T’s special wishes for this independence month.

Yours Faithfully
Nixon Nyikadzino

MDC-T Secretary General


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