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Train-Create-Distribute (AFRICAN FILM & MUSIC)

Train, Create & Distribute Fundraising

Help Us Help Young Creative Minds in Africa.

The aim of this fundraising is to provide a fresh focus for African Creative Industries development activity and help young African Film Producers, Musician and Performing Artists to focus their energies and plans for future creative projects. The funds will be for Training Aspiring Creative Young People in film production, television, music industries (recording and performance) and performing arts. The trained creative artists will be assisted to create project from feature films, short films, animation and documentary, music recording and performance projects across all genres that reflect African culture, creativity and diversity.

We will support projects with international appeal that have the potential to be distinctive, high-quality and commercially and/or creatively-driven. We will also support projects that enable artists, musicians and filmmakers to take risks creatively. All the projects will also be promoted and distributed international using digital and new media networks.

Thus we Train, Create & Distribute Creative Products from African Creatives.

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