DESPERATE Zimbabweans Can’t stay at home as president mnangagwa keep the nation guessing on Government lockdown decision


Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has kept the his people in the dark to know whether the lockdown will be extended or not.

Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana (Ministry of Information)

Today is the last day of the lockdown in Zimbabwe and the people are anxiously waiting for the President to address the Nation about the way forward. Many predict that the President who’s scheduled to address the Nation at 1600 hours is going to extent the lockdown without appropriate measures to cushion the poor.


Most of Zimbabwe’s neighboring countries have extend the lockdown to the first week of May. Zimbabweans are struggling to stay home as they fear that if corona virus doesn’t kill them, hunger will kill them. Millions of Zimbabweans are food insecure and surviving from hand to mouth. As everyone awaits the Presiden’t to make a very difficult decision as COVID-19 cases are rising, people are hungry.

Senator David Coltart
Bulawayo, Magwegwe North People waiting to buy maize meal today according to Senator David Coltart

Poor citizens are exposing themselves as they join long queues where social distancing is not observed as they jostle to be in the front the queue to buy the cheapest maize meal to feed their family.

Zimbabweans Republic Police disperse people who were queuing to buy Maize Meal today at Mbare OK Supermarket in HARARE



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