A dark Cloud Hangs over Meikles Hotel in Harare: Electricity faults dampen 5 Star Hotel services.

Zimbabwe’s best five-star hotel, Meikles Hotel

Services at the 5 Star Luxury Hotel: Meikles in Harare have been dampened by electricity faults as they are now forced to offer their clients hot water in buckets.

Meikles hotel general manager Tinashe Munjoma issued a letter informing the Meikles clients that they are currently using generators as an alternative for power from the 11th of June to date as a result of electricity faults in the Central Business District (CBD).


Due to the electricity faults, the air-conditioning systems and hot water services are not functional in the whole hotel. Therefore the hotel has resorted to using the bucket system for their clients.

In the letter issued, the general manager advised their clients that if they need hot water, they will be given in a bucket upon request, which is unexpected of a 5 star hotel.

The electricity faults will make clients think that services at Meikles hotel are deteriorating said a Harare resident Vannesa Chiwetu in a discussion with a journalist.

She also added that Meikles hotel will loose local clients to lodges outside the CBD. “In this case local clients will opt for higher class lodges such as Jacana Gardens Guest Lodge away from the CBD with better electricity services,” she said.

As a result of power cuts, international clients may also opt for other hotels and lodges outside the CBD, hence Meikles loosing it’s clients, explained another Harare resident Leonard Chimhamhiwa.

Chimhamhiwa also added “although Meikles hotel is using generators as an alternative for power it is expensive because generators use fuel.

In the Harare CBD electricity faults and power outages have been happening for some time which have affected not only hotels, but many businesses from running smoothly. The CBD have been in total darkness from the 11th of June to date.


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