COVID-19: South African Couple Arrested on their wedding ceremony in Defiance of Lock down guidelines

#CityOfuMhlathuze More than 50 people arrested in a wedding at Nseleni outside Richards Bay today for contravening the #COVID2019 #lockdown regulation

A South African couple could not accept that their love and wedding plans be put on hold by the Corona Virus despite the lockdown and social distancing imposed in their country. According to the tweet from uMhlathuze@UmhlathuzeM the couple were arrested along side 50 invited guests and the Pastor who was supposed to preside over the Wedding Ceremony.

The couple were not deterred by the 21-day lockdown and went on with their wedding plans that was only halted by South African police who arrested the lovebirds in their wedding costumes. In a video that is going around on Social Media the Bride is seen being helped into a police van in her wedding gown.


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