covid-19: South Africa Government to conduct door to door screening and testing, Tracing and Medical Management Program: president cyril ramaphosa announces

Covid 19

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that his government is scalling up the fight to control Covid 19 by conducting a massive Door-to-Door screening and testing in every South AAfrican Profince, Town, Township and Home.

Announcing on a televised Corona Virus National Update the President said; ‘”We are now entering a new phase in the fight against the Corona Virus pandemic. In the coming days, Government will be rolling out a screening, testing, tracing and medical management program on a huge scale.'”


“Around Ten Thousand field workers at the moment will be visiting homes and villages, towns and cities to screen residents for the corona virus symptoms. People with symptoms will be refered to local clinics or mobile clinics for testing. People who are infected by the corona virus but who have no or moderate symptoms will remain in isolation at home or at a facility provided by government. Those with severe symptoms will be transferred to hospital.”


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