Corona virus fight: Traffic Safety Council Partner with Reggae Musician Ras Caleb to bring awareness to the public.


The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe has engaged vibrant Dancehall and Reggae Musician Ras Caleb to bring Corona Virus awareness to the people. Ras Caleb  is an award winning Zimdancehall artist. Ras Caleb is popularly known for songs that include Tokwe Mukosi and Nehanda. It was his song “Tokwe Mukosi” which proved to be a runaway success, making him a household name and a force to reckon with in the Zimdancehall circles.

More awareness campaigns to sensitize people about the importance of Washing Hands, Social Distancing and Staying at home need to be carried out in Zimbabwe and Artists and Cooperates can partners to drive the message home to flatten the curve. Watch the Publick Announcement Video below.


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