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Chinese racism against Africans must stop now!

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Charlton C. Tsodzo started this petition to Chinese Government


We as Africans are gravely concerned with the rabid and racist treatment of fellow Africans in the People’s Republic of China. Black Africans are being evicted from rented accommodation and there are public notices about how Africans are not being allowed into restaurants and certain shops. The Chinese even have the gall to call us African friends when they treat our people like animals. We have also seen racist and xenophobic sentiment on Chinese social platforms against black Africans in China. Yet for the Chinese who work and do business in Africa we treat them with respect, they even abuse our people with their stone-age labour practices. 

The Government of the People’s Republic of China needs to put urgent measures to bring an end to the barbarism we are observing for the sake of sustained relationships with a generation of young and emerging Africans who refuse to be taken as inferiors and who will not brook for any racist and xenophobic tendencies from so-called friends. If our African people can not be treated with respect, dignity and humanity in your country, you should also not expect the same for your people living and doing business in Africa.

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China – No to racism No to xenophobia against Africans! Stop It Now!


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