COVID-19, China – world relationship is changing: Japan Pays Billions To Firms To Leave China, Relocate Production Elsewhere

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China’s response was inept, dishonest and utterly inconsiderate of the world. We need to teach the Chinese government a lesson.

The government of Japan has allocated hundreds of billions of Japanese Yen of its Covid-19 relief fund to help Japanese manufacturing companies willing to move their production plants from China back to Japan or to other countries.


“The extra budget, compiled to try to offset the devastating effects of the pandemic, includes 220 billion yen (US$2 billion) for companies shifting production back to Japan and 23.5 billion yen for those seeking to move production to other countries, according to details of the plan posted online,”

A report by Bloomberg News says; “That has renewed talk of Japanese firms reducing their reliance on China as a manufacturing base. The government’s panel on future investment last month discussed the need for manufacturing of high-added value products to be shifted back to Japan, and for production of other goods to be diversified across Southeast Asia.”

“China is Japan’s biggest trading partner under normal circumstances, but imports from China slumped by almost half in February as the disease closed factories, in turn starving Japanese manufacturers of necessary components,” according to Bloomberg News. “Japan exports a far larger share of parts and partially finished goods to China than other major industrial nations, according to data compiled for the panel. A February survey by Tokyo Shoko Research found 37 per cent of the more than 2,600 companies that responded were diversifying procurement to places other than China amid the coronavirus crisis.”

Beijing’s coronavirus lies have badly deepened global suffering

The move comes after communist China lied to the world about the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in their country and tried to cover it up, which led to the outbreak spreading like wildfire throughout China and eventually the rest of the world.

Coronavirus coverup

According to U.S. intelligence agencies, China systematically deceived the world about the extent of the outbreak, lulling other nations into a false sense of security that delayed a response by weeks or even months.

“The reality is that we could have been better off if China had been more forthcoming,” Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday on CNN. “What appears evident now is that long before the world learned in December that China was dealing with this, and maybe as much as a month earlier than that, that the outbreak was real in China”.

How China Is Remaking the UN In Its Own Image

China’s attempts to make the UN a tool for achieving its hegemonic ambition could end up destroying the body from within.

Donald Trump stokes fresh coronavirus row as Wuhan reopens

US President, Donald Trump has criticised the World Health Organization (WHO), and by implication Beijing, saying the global body is “China centric” and “biased” towards the rival superpower.

“The W.H.O. really blew it,” Trump said in a Twitter post. “For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?”

American Coronavirus Lawsuits Seek Compensation from China

In less than a month, more than 5,000 Americans have joined a class-action lawsuit in Florida seeking reparations from the Chinese government for COVID-19 damages. The plaintiffs claim to have suffered huge losses due to Beijing’s negligence in containing the virus. Similar class-action lawsuits also were filed in Nevada and Texas.

“Our lawsuit addresses those who have been physically injured from exposure to the virus … it also addresses the commercial activity China has engaged in around the “wet markets” trade,” Berman Law Group, which filed the Florida suit, told VOA. 

The law firm cited the ‘commercial activity’ and ‘personal injury’ exceptions under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act [FSIA] as legal grounds for suing China.


After the Conservative MPs in UK directed their ire towards China for downplaying the threat of coronavirus, a London-based Conservative think tank has explored possibilities of legally suing China on 10 possible grounds.

China downplayed the data and punished the doctors who sought to tell the truth.

The report calls for global courage and solidarity to take action against China.

The sequence of events and their knowledge says that “the Chinese Communist Party’s response to COVID-19 was in breach of international law”.

UK Think-Tank Seeks Global Solidarity to Sue China for $6.5 Trillion for ‘Covering up Coronavirus’

WHO provides structures to bring suit against China under the International Health Regulations.

Other options could involve using the International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of Arbitration, the World Trade Organisation, bilateral investment treaties and even the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Domestic courts and Chinese courts could also be possible avenues, the report said.


Meanwhile, another report says two Egyptian lawyers have threatened to sue Chinese leader Xi Jinping for 10 trillion dollars for his alleged role in spreading coronavirus to Egypt and the rest of the world. Mohammed Talaat and Amr Bayoumi, two lawyers with the Egyptian State Council, filed a complaint against Xi via the Chinese ambassador to Egypt, according to the Egyptian news site Al-Yawm Al-Jadid.

The lawsuit is based on reports claiming that the coronavirus was “deliberately manufactured” by the Chinese government as part of a biological warfare programme, and accusations that China purposefully withheld information about the early stages of the spread of the virus, which caused great harm to the world.

Egyptian lawyers to sue China for trillions over ‘coronavirus damages’


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  1. Like many other people reading more and more about the background of Covid-19 and many global statistics, it is also likely that China has not been truthful about how many cases the country has/is suffering or the actual number of deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic.
    All of China’s population are required to use a mobile phone for their key personal data and functioning in society.
    So how can they explain around .87 MILLION accounts no longer in service?
    This clearly indicates either death or disappearance…
    The entire world should close down their relationships with China. Stop buying Huawei products & cheaply made fashion & other unnecessary imports.

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