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Creative Native / Rooftop Promotions would like to invite all interested actors & actresses to audition for an upcoming TV series called “Chipo: The Gift”. We are looking to fill the following roles:

1. Chipo

Chipo is a 19 year old who completed her O’ levels two years ago. She is a natural beauty. A responsible and hardworking daughter who is committed to the church and diligently follows it’s teachings.


Her dream is to one day become a primary school teacher but there is no money for her to further her education, leaving her very frustrated.

She is in love with Spencer and the two are in courtship, which will lead to marriage, one of the marriage ways recommended by their church.
Chipo gets kidnapped and raped by the church elder, Ndoro, as a way to forcibly make her his third wife.

She escapes, only to be returned back because the family is financially benefitting from this arrangement. She attempts to take her own life.
When Ndoro comes to rape her again, in self defence she commits culpable homicide.

The magistrate struggles to prove that this was not premeditated.Eventually Chipo is acquitted and rises from being a timid victim of life to a strong woman who is determined to make something of herself.

2. Mai Chipo
Mai Chipo is well in her 40s. She is a submissive wife and a selfless mother. A member of the choir she deals with life’s conflicts with song and verse.
Her heavy handed husband and the tough famine force her to enable a forced marriage and to trivialize her daughter’s rape. With her daughter now pregnant, she can only hope that Chipo will be well taken care of. She is a barrier to Chipo accessing pregnancy termination.

Conflicted within herself, she must make the choice to fight for her child, in the process discovering her own inner strength.

3. Baba Chipo
Baba Chipo is a farmer in his late 40’s/early 50’s. He is a very serious and strict family man. A member of the church who turns a blind to the politics and child marriages going on in the church.
He is struggling to support his family because of a failed crop. This is a new and degrading experience for him which causes him to justify a wrong choice.

When his daughter kills the Elder, he is excommunicated from the church. From ground zero, he can now reassess, self introspect and begin to question and speak against the wrongs in the church.

4. Sofia/ Mai JoJo
Sofia is in her late 30s. She is a strong and determined woman. She laughs heartily and is passionate about helping other women. After years of financial abuse, she decides to go back to the city to work. She gets a business opportunity which she maximises and finds herself providing for her family.

Her interest in legal matters pushes to get para-legal training and has made her the go to person in her community.
She facilitates Chipo’s search for justice and is a strong support throughout the trials.

5. Bruce/ Baba JoJo
Bruce, late 30’s, husband and father of two is a happy-go-lucky sort of bloke.
Emitting negative masculinity, Bruce comes home claiming to have been fired when in actual fact he is out on bail for sexually harassing a co-worker. He comes to the city to help his wife, becoming a barrier with his pleasure-loving personality and low business acumen.

6. Tapfuma
Tapfuma (late 50’s) is a husband, father and grandfather struggling with business in a difficult economy.
When Sofia comes back and starts her Goch-Goch, the tables turn in his favour and he appreciates her return.
Confused, his tender and fatherly feelings for Sofia begin to turn into something more romantic. He is afraid to make his feelings known though they become more obvious each day. He risks making a fool of himself at his age, but he feels more youthful and alive when he is with her. This struggle puts a strain on their work relationship.

7. Zagga
Zagga is 19, an aspiring Dancehall musician and a gango-chef. He is lively and streetwise. He helps Sofia set up and grows his own little clientele. Occasionally he gets an open mic and when Chipo joins Mai Jojo, he helps her regain her confidence by involving her in his music.

8. Ndoro
Ndoro is in his late 50s. He is a very shrewd businessman and paedophile.
He is a supporter of child marriages. When he kidnaps and rapes Chipo, she kills him in self defence. His death brings anger and hostility to the Sachikonyes. To Chipo he is the nightmare that never seems ends. Yet it does. It must.

Auditions will take place on Monday 17 June at Theatre In The Park, in Harare Gardens 11am – 3pm.


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