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Our vision is creating an enabling environment for creative entrepreneurship through collaboration.

We believe in the power of regular people sharing their stories, thoughts and experiences with each other and so we encourage you to submit your stories for consideration. Our hope is to build a platform that gives people a place to have their voices heard and to talk to people about today’s issues. 


To propagate the media and creative industry through alternative voices, visual storytelling and visual literacy and to make visual storytelling education accessible to the most diverse, spectrum of students, and to hone the skills of future professionals.

Our goal is to creatively enable the creative industry business models that produce economic results and produce quantitative economic statistics.



The media and visual communication plays an increasingly vital role in our globally connected lives.

We believe the power of media, media influencers, and the process of creation itself can be enabling to the media practitioner, and the artist’s creation can have a profound impact on others. By giving media consumers and the audience the chance to experience the world from the perspective of another, visual stories have the power to create empathy, bridge differences, and open new avenues of thought.

Visual communication is fast becoming the predominant form of expressive communication worldwide. Visual storytelling, in all its historical and evolving forms, has the unique power of allowing us to experience the life of others through the imagination and perspective of the storyteller.

Those who master this form of communication will be instrumental in the development and advancement of society, and institutions that hope to educate and train visual storytellers play an essential role in that same mission.

Our Expert Production Team


Creative Producer

As an AFDA graduate with a strong background and experience in Film Production Training and development in Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Nocks also worked as a consultant with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe’s Content Commissioning Committee and Content Acquisition Committee. He helped in developing HEXCO’s Film Diploma & Certificate Qualifications and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s Advanced Level Film Curriculum. He served as Trustee for Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT), Produced the Short Film Project and was a Lecture for 9 years at the Zimbabwe Film and Television School for Southern Africa (ZIFTESSA) among his vast experience. Currently he works as a Training and Development partner with Joe Vision Production (, Cinemaverse Co-Curator for The Goethe-Institut Namibia ( and the Creative Industry Guide (
He is responsible for the training and development activities as well as coming up with productions strategies, creative and business affairs for Meso Media Institute.


Associate Creative Director (Advertising)

Costa keeps the creative in check and focused. If you believe it, he’ll make sure you see it. Spent more than 14 years gaining extensive experience in graphic design and Advertising. He has worked as an Art Director, Studio Manager and Creative Director at some of the top Advertising agencies in Zimbabwe where he is sorely missed.

His aim is to surprise, satisfy and delight clients with unexpected ideas and effective solutions in regards of Advertising Concepts, Design and Branding solutions of world class standard by using latest trends in both media and creative communication techniques.


Technical Associate Director

Nyasha Manamike is a natural artist with a National Certificate in Applied Art and Design from Harare Polytechnic Collage and a Diploma in Film Production from ZIFTESSA.  As a qualified Production Designer after college, Nyasha has managed to produce and direct several commercial and corporate videos for some established brands in Zimbabwe. Besides Directing he also has finished projects as colorist and polished cinematographer.



Lucinda is an AFDA Cinematography graduate who started working in the film industry in South Africa. She has been able to work with some of South Africa’s best DOP’s and gained valuable knowledge to blossom in the right direction. Her professionalism, commitment and hardworking nature are great assets she possesses as she continues to build her profile and shaping her aesthetics in TV drama, films and documentaries.



Thandiwe hold a Diploma in Film and Tv production, majoring in Cinematography. She has worked in Cinematographer, photojournalist as well as in Digital Marketing department with Mtaka Media and BigBass Entertainment.


Video Editor

Zviko-Jane, holds a Diploma in Film and Tv Productions, with Editing and photojournalism experiences from ZBC and Mtaka News.


Associate Technical Producer

AFDA Cape Town Film School graduate with a BA Degree in Motion Picture and Televisionx Production. Experience working in SA, on a television drama series, documentaries, quiz games and PSAs. He is an all-rounder comfortable on camera, sound and editing, with an eye for African stories that aren’t being covered in main stream media, to go bring out stories about people who the world will not know if we do not tell their stories. Enjoys venturing into unexplored territories with lots of stories to be told with a camera. Always searching for African stories about systemic level challenges from environmental, health issues, human rights abuses and post conflict reconstruction.


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