2018 Film Festival Looking for a NAME


What’s in a name?
(a fantastic prize – that’s what!!)

The International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF)
and the
Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF)
are teaming up again to present the
2018 edition of the Joint Film Festival.


We are currently looking for a catchy,
home-grown, new name for this joint festival
and in line with our rich African heritage
of naming traditions,
we are inviting YOU to help us,
just as relatives are called upon
to name a new member of the family.

What kind of name are we looking for?
The name must be short and conscise,
can be in any official Zimbabwean language,
must relate to or reflect film and cinema,
and due to the fact that one of the organisations in this partnerships
is a women’s organisation, it must be gender-sensitive.

All you have to do is
post your suggestion
preceeded by the hashtag #IgamaZita
and tag @wfozicapa and @zifftweets
on either Facebook or Twitter before 4pm on
Sunday 25 March 2018.

The best name will be selected by a jury, comprising members
of the two film institutions, IIFF and ZIFFT.

The originator of the chosen name will receive
VIP treatment throughout the festival, and also get a fantastic prize
(to be revealed at the festival awards ceremony)
…and of course, he or she will have a LASTING LEGACY
of “The One who Named THE Festival”


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